DLsLink - Payout Rates

Payout Rates

How We Calculate Payout Rates?

We have designed a very unique payout rates system for DLSlink users. DLsLink shortner platform pays you per URL visits you receive and your earning totally depends upon your visitors luck. As you know, we have a spinner in DLSlink redirection page so your income totally depends upon the value that your visitors point on the spinner. In last 24 hours we count 2 link visit from 1 IP address and this will potentially increase your revenue.

Steps to start earning with dlslink

Step #1 - First you have to register your DLsLink account, Click Here to register your new account.

dlslink account regiser

Step #2 - You can fill the form and register your account but I prefer you to login with your DLUpload account, If you login with DLUpload you will get lots of additional features like you will be able to directly short the dlupload files URL using DLsLink directly in single click. I Strongly recommend you to login with your DLUpload account if you already have your existing DLUpload account. Click Here to register DLUpload account.

dlslink account regiser

Step #3 - Right After you clicked on signin with DLUpload you will be asked to login to your DLUpload account to associate it with DLsLink.

dlslink account regiser

Step #4 - After you login successfully, you will have to allow the permision of your DLUpload account inorder to make a link between your DLUpload account and DLsLink account.

dlslink account regiser

Step #5 - When your account is perfectly linked you will be able to view your dashboard, This is how your dashboard will look like. I am already using DLsLink from weeks so my account has data but if you are loging to your account first time you will see all the data blank.

dlslink account regiser

Step #6 - Now you can click shorten any links by clicking on Shorten URL and once you generate your link you have to share your link to your audience and you will start generating money by your visitors. Its that easy!

dlslink account regiser

Step #7 - You can also shorten your DLUpload File URL directly from DLsLink in single click. After your visitors will start viewing your link and spin the whell, you will start making money with DLsLink.

dlslink account regiser

Step #8 - On redirection page, Your visitors have to spin this whell, and your visitors will decide how much you will earn with our smart AI wheel spinner and this will decide how much money you are gonna earn! Like this I just made one spin on my friends link and my friend has earned 0.007$ from my 1 spin. Similarly you can even earn 0.05$ from just 1 spins. So this is how you can earn money with dlslink. Enjoy earning! DLPlatforms will our the best to make you earn great!

dlslink account regiser

Our Rates

When your visitor spins the spinner and if the spinner stops at 0.05$, you will earn 0.05$ per visit. At this rate, if 1,000 of your visitors spin the spinner and pointed the spinner on 0.05$ then you will earn 50$ per 1,000 link visits. Similarly, if your visitors points the spinner to 0.07$ while spinning the spinner then you will earn 7$ per 1,000 link visits. Our AI system does everythings for you so our AI will do the best work to make you earn great! It doesn't have any limits, In some time it might point on 0.05$ , sometime might point on 0.01$ so In this way, so our rates per 1,000 link visit fractulates a lot, Per link spins the rate we are paying to users might differ. You might earn as high as 50$ per 1,000 link visits or even you can earn 10$ per 1,000 link visit or 30$ per 1,000 link visits or even 3$ per 1,000 link visits. Which means your earning totally depends upon your visitors activity and their luck while spinning.

If your visitors are lucky enough then from our smart system you might get CPM of 50$. Likewise, you might have to settle with cpm of 3$, 4$ if the luck isn't in your favour.

Our Earning Criteria

The spinner must be rotated and the final link must be opened for your link to be eligible to earn. Your earning will be counted and added to your account only after rotating the spinner and opening the final link. Our system system gives you your link earning according to your visitors luck. So our CPM can be lower sometime or can even be unexpectedly higher so it totally depends upon the activity of your link visitors.

How You Can Withdraw

Minimum withdraw amount is set at 5$. After you reach first 5$ you can easily withdraw your balance directly to your paypal wallet, bitcoin wallet , esewa wallet and paytm wallet. For withdraw on payoneer the minimum threshold is 50$. Our payment schedule is twice a month you will receive your withdraw on every 16-20th and 2 -6th of the month. Your withdraw will always be held on our fixed payment schedule date not before or after the end date.